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Chase Freedom Unlimited 1.5% Cash Back Rewards Card – Bad Credit Wizards Review

Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card Review

There are a ton of options out there when it comes to finding a great credit card. But because of the excessive options, it can be hard to decide which credit card is the best option for you. You can avoid finding the needle in the haystack by looking at credit cards that have an emphasis on giving back to the cardholder. One of those options is the Chase Freedom Unlimited Visa card. It has a ton of great perks and a fantastic introductory APR. That, plus its incredible flexibility and account protection make it a very competitive option. Check out all of the awesome features and decide for yourself whether the Chase Unlimited card is a good option for you.

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Everyone wants to know what kind of credit cards they should have in their wallets to maximize their rewards and minimize the amount that they pay in interest and fees. That is the most logical and economical way to use credit. That is why from time to time people ask about particular cards. They will want to know “what should I look out for when using this card?” and “does the cash back rewards expire?”. These are fair questions, and we are going to explore the answers to these questions in regards to the Chase Freedom Unlimited Card.

Do The Cash Back Rewards Expire?

Before opening up a new credit account, it is essential to know if the rewards that you work so hard to get in the first place are going to expire. Does the cash back rewards expire when using the Chase Freedom Unlimited card? The answer is no so long as the account remains active. Every qualifying purchase earns 1.5% cash back for the borrower, and that cash back may be used for any purchase. You can rest a little easier knowing the answer to the question “does the cash back rewards expire?”.

Considerations To Make When Getting This Card

There are a great number of benefits to using this particular card compared to others. There are many customer-friendly benefits to consider for the first part. The cardholder will have immediate access to a mobile account if they decide to sign up for one. They also have protection against fraud on their account.

What Should I Look Out For When Using This Card?

You can expect one of the leading credit cards in the industry. You have a brand name card that has paid special attention to caring for its customers over all of these years. You can enjoy your cash back rewards on your card right from the start. You also avoid an annual fee that many other cards charges. Remember to take into account the numerous positive reviews that other customers have left in regard to this one. They have been more than pleased that their card has always been helpful to them when they were in need of credit. It may seem like a simple thing, but a card that can be reliably counted on is something important to have. The only thing that you have to control is your own personal behavior and use of the card. If you overspend just because you know that you will get cash back, that is not going to be helpful to your long-term financial health.

Getting Your Hands On This Card

Applying for this card is not a lot different than applying for almost any other card. You are simply taking a chance at asking a credit card company to issue you credit based on their ability to check out your credit score and deem if you are worthy of said credit or not. Applying for this card will give you an indication right away if you have the kind of credit score necessary to obtain it. Clearly, the average person who gets this kind of card is going to need to have decent credit in order to qualify. That being said, plenty of people are proud carriers of this card. You can probably obtain it as well if you have a relatively normal history with credit.

Low Introductory APR

When it comes to credit cards, it all comes down to the APR. No matter how many great perks, this is by far one of, if not, the most important thing. The Chase Unlimited card offers a very generous low introductory APR for new cardholders. For 15 months you can enjoy 0% interest on all purchases within that time. Here are some key points:

  • Zero percent interest for 15 months
  • Zero percent interest on balance transfers

This is a perfect card for those who will be moving, going on a trip or incurring other small to medium sized expenses throughout the year, giving you more time to pay without incurring any extra interest. After the introductory 15 month period with no interest, the APR goes anywhere from 15.99% to 24.74 %. There is also no interest on balance transfers within the first 15 months, which means that the Chase Unlimited card is also a great option if you’re needing more time to shave off some debt you already have.

Cash Back Rewards

One big topic for any credit card holder is cash back. It’s a buzzword that promises money back as you spend. The Chase Unlimited card offers that and more. Here are some of the main benefits of the Chase Unlimited card:

  • Unlimited cash back on purchases
  • Cashback special rewards
  • 1.5 % cash back
  • No minimum to redeem
  • Flexible usage

Many credit cards have so many stipulations to their cash back programs, only allowing you to receive cash back at certain grocery stores and shops, even creating certain periods when it will work. The Chase Unlimited card all but eliminates this model and offers cash back on every purchase made. That’s a serious incentive to use this card. It also offers a lot of flexibility in how it’s used. You can receive your cash back as an account credit, use it to buy gift cards, travel and shop at stores like

Bonus Features

The Chase Unlimited card is running a special offer that gives the user cash bonuses. This is not cash back, but an additional way to earn money simply by using your credit card. If you spend $500 within the first three months of opening your credit account you can receive a bonus of $150. Not only that, but you can also earn an additional $25 after you add your first authorized user to the account and make your first purchase within three months. That adds up to $175 in bonuses just for using the card. This feature goes above and beyond to ensure the user gets the most they can from using the Chase Unlimited card.

Protection & Customer Service

Don’t forget the various other benefits of the Chase Unlimited card. Chase provides the excellent protection you can trust and customer service. Chase itself is one of the top banks in America, and has more than 5,000 branches in the U.S., giving more evidence of the business’s commitment to its customers.

  • No annual fee
  • Zero liability protection
  • Extended warranty protection
  • Purchase protection
  • Fraud protection and fraud alerts
  • Mobile options
  • Customer service

A card of this magnitude also gives you excellent protection from fraudulent activity and provides great customer support. With the backing of Chase bank, you can rest assured that the unlimited card will offer top-notch security and reliability. Your credit experience is further enhanced by providing mobile options. Using the Chase banking app you can easily access basic information on your account, make payments, receive statements, check balances and even order a new card.

Improve Your Credit

Another benefit to owning a credit card, in general, is the potential impact it will have on your credit score. Creditors receive information about you based on your credit history. This includes how well you take care of your existing bills. By paying your credit card bills on time, you can increase your credit score. This is a great move if you have bad credit or no credit at all. Having great credit goes a long way toward building a stable financial future. Buying a house, car or taking out a loan will often hinge on your credit score.

Am I Eligible For This Card

Go online and apply for it there. You can typically get a response back within minutes if not sooner. A quick scan of your credit score is all that is necessary for the vast majority of cases. Having this card as part of your day-to-day financial picture gives you the ability to potentially bring up your credit score as long as you make your payments on time. That may make it easier for you to borrow money in other instances in the future as well. This card is the stepping stone towards that brighter future. It is a pretty obvious choice given all of its customer-friendly features as well.

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