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How to Get a Coronavirus Stimulus Check Without Up to Date Tax Filings – July 2020

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The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has delivered more than 160 million stimulus checks to federal aid recipients, and while a new bailout is just weeks away from being approved, the truth is that Non-taxpayers can still request this first stimulus check.  It is worth mentioning that the deadline

Financial Aid for Homeowners and Renters During the COVID-19 Crisis (Updated July 2020)

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In New York city, Mayor Bill DE Blasio became the last city official to call for a rent freeze, joining Brooklyn and Manhattan counties presidents Eric Adams and Gale Brewer, who previously introduced the “Renter’s Choice” plan to demand that New York homeowners who give tenants the option to

Stop Waiting for a Second Round of Economic Stimulus Checks and Prepare a Plan to Improve Your Finances and Begin Saving Money Today

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Millions of Americans continue to receive the unemployment benefit and financial aid check as the United States economy continues to recession and some states are halting the reopening due to the outbreak of new coronavirus cases. Some lawmakers are requesting a second round of stimulus checks. Democrats are pushing

Why Economic Stimulus Checks, Aid To Small Businesses, And Reopening Are Not Enough To Rescue The United States Economy

The coronavirus pandemic spread through the American economy at an incredibly fast rate, so fast that it has been difficult for economists and public policy experts to understand what exactly is going on. Despite the fact that official data is often outdated, a group of researchers gathered information and